brown eyed fox

faithful perch

feelingcarissa fox9 Comments

when we walked out the door yesterday to head to school...
"whoaaaaa"... we all looked at each other... "it's cold out here"!
we all ran back inside to grab another layer.
is it THAT time?
for that FALL crisp air to swirl about?
i think so!
and may i be honest?
it makes me giddy!
excited just thinking about it!
all that it entails.
it is my  f a v o r i t e  time of the year!
it holds so many things that are dear to me.

when i got back home... and warmed up a bit...
my cardigan took to her perch.
you know... the chair perch.
she's all ready.
i love having her there.
as i blog... email... create... what have you...
there she is... at my fingertips...
ready to embrace me when i need her.

she's ready & so am i.
what about you... are you too ready for the hints of Fall?