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feelingcarissa fox8 Comments

i could jump for joy that school is almost back in session!
oh yes... and it is sneaking up fast.

both of the girls will be attending an incredible new school...
it's so exciting!
i have met some of the teachers... parents... the principal...
and am feeling blessed we got in.
feeling that my girls will be surrounded by truly great leaders & mentors.

feeling like i can't believe i have a third grader & a kindergartner.
how did that happen?
so fast?

feeling even though i sometimes wonder if lil bit is ready...
she seems so little... in so many ways...
i am excited for this new chapter.
for her!
and all the new things she'll experience.

feeling... wow... i am going to have my days to myself.

feeling... summer has flown by.

feeling... i want to squeeze in more things of summer before summer scoots.

feeling i am nervous & excited all at the same time.
nervous to jump into this next chapter.
excited to jump into this next chapter.

feeling like... ya just gottta jump!