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hAppY fRidAy

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a bit tickled it's friday...
aren't you?
hoping to get to play some more in my little space.
i was able to sneak in a bit of time in there yesterday...
and it was great.
i was FULLY absorbed!

i sure love that feeling.
being fully wrapped up in something.
it can be great don't you think?
it's invigorating... yet peaceful.
can take you over.
like a mini get away... in your heart & mind.

with the weekend ahead...
what do you think?
i'm rooting for more of those mini get aways!
here's to it...
may they be invigorating AND peaceful!

i JUST put everything HALF OFF in the shop!
okay... let me just say...
"that is CRAZY good"
all of the pieces are handmade... with LOTS of love... all are truly unique!
the whole shop!
i don't even believe i did it!
been eyeing a piece?
this may be your chance... many of the pieces listed are the last of it's kind...
will be gone for good!
the very last of the "wear it" pieces... the great thing... they are favorites.
i am simply making room on the shelves... and in my heart... for more to come!