brown eyed fox


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while i was out & about yesterday i ran into one of the vintage type shops here...
well... one of like... two!
anywho... i found a few "wow look at that" things!
one of the things i stumbled upon
was a 20 piece set of the encyclopedia of photography.
how neat is that!
they are cholk-FULL... full... of beautiful images & fun know how.
i could not resist!
no way!
i think they will be SO fun!

then i stumbled upon this beauty!
she (?... i didn't look) was so magestic!
i find horses so awe inspiring...
i think i could watch them for hours.
we talked a little... or talked to her... i suppose.
i thanked her for letting me take her photo...
told her how pretty she was...
how i loved her markings...
told her i wished i had an apple for her.
and told her how she made me smile.

she sure did make me smile.
she calmed my nerves too.
put me at peace.
and reminded me that there is goodness & beauty all about.
it's there...
ready for us to stumble upon...
and bring us a smile.