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a little sunshine

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i had mentioned before the whole paint in my hair day.
well... it was this warm golden yellow.
kind of like that glow you sometimes see at sunset.
my head was a glowing.

big sis had been wanting some color in her room.
some fun and bold color.


we of course painted the fifth wall too...
wrapping that sun all the way around... ceiling and all.

after color... we also added a tree.
sort of a whimsical... simple idea of a tree... i think.

after cutting it out with a jigsaw...
we decided to cover it in chalkboard paint.
i sure loved writing her first message to her.
it should be fun to see the ever changing chalkboard tree.

 hoping that when she walks towards her room...
she feels a bit of happiness.
that it feels like home.
and that maybe she feels a little sunshine in her hair too.

i'm thinking gretel is already finding it homey.

now... here's to a day loaded with that good stuff.

may the sun shine on your shoulders today and make you happy!
ha... a little john denver for ya!