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first day back

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the anticipation was high!
butterflies & nervous tummies.
riley kept saying "i am SO nervous... so nervous"!

they decided to spend the first night back to school together in lil bits room.
shortly after lights went out i heard big sis say over the monitor...
(yes i still have monitors in their rooms.. call me crazy)...
"if you want you can come over here with me".
soooooo sweet!
she understood those kindergarten butterflies.
and my guess would be... she was having her own third grade butterflies.
lil bit must have taken her up on the that offer...
we found them all snuggled up as the sun rose.

they had their clothes ready to go.
 and of course list making big sis had her morning all planned.

they were both wired & raring to go.
full of giggles.
and first day excitement!

so neat walking into the new school on it's big first day too.
a first for so many.
the building was full of life... such a spirit in the air!
i know it had to be such a special day for all those involved in it's bulding...
in it's coming to life.

a new beginning for so many little ones.
a home away from home.
where they too can learn to be leaders.

one of the best parts of the day...
the balloon launch!
it was so awesome!
almost two hundred balloons soaring in the sky!
a celebration!
a first day success hooray!
it was so great too... the wind had just picked up... those balloons were FLYING!

once home from the big day...
we had some special treats...

some silly laughs...

and a big konk out!

the first day back was a lot of excitement...
for all of us!

all i can think right now...
it should be fun to see all that this new school year has in store.
it's a brand new chapter for many of us.