brown eyed fox


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my head has been bouncing all over the place lately.
to this... and that.
to all the things there are to tackle.
maybe it's the whole "back to school" that's sneaking up.
maybe it's the school supplies... they make my head spin in DELIGHT... every year.
i LOVE school supplies.
don't you get a kick out of that isle too?


thinking gretel is glad it's almost back to school too.
though she loves her rides... she loves her naps too.

i painted our old dining table this last weekend.
threw on some casters too.
then rolled it into my little studio spot in the house.
oh my word...
i am LOVING it.
i have a funny feeling it will bring me loads of smiles.
i'll have to show you more of it later... if you want.

i think i might need a pair of converse too.
those zebra stripes on lil bit's new sneaks are speaking to me.

shark week... yet more affirmation why... i do NOT go in the water.
jaws WOULD get me.

feeling so thankful for today...
for the gift.
for the limitless possibilities.
thankful the sun is streaming in...
bringing light...
a morning boost...
and showing us how to SHINE!