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friends. . .

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on our trip back to texas...
we headed even further south this time.
back to my old stomping grounds.
where i grew up.
where we lived until i was fifteen.
to see lots of friends.
to see my best friend...  we've been friends since the first grade.
wow... that IS a long time.
especially considering that we will be turning forty this year!

it has been several years since our kids have been together.
since we've all been together.
way too long.
it was so neat to see them play.
miniature versions of us... it seemed.

while the kids played... 
we laughed... we reminisced... we laughed.

we were silly.

we did girly things.

we drove passed one of our old houses.
the trees sure had grown.

we stayed up really late...
because we didn't want to miss a single minute. 

we even got to celebrate a very special birthday.
yep... he turned seventy.
this is aunt g & uncle wil.
two of the most incredible people you'll ever meet.
their lights shine so brightly... sharing so much with so many.
we may not be from the same family but we ARE family.
my word... we've had some great memories!
we've been through so much together.

they are the color in our life... aren't they!
life's biggest treasure.

i am so blessed in life to have the most amazing friends.
some i've recently met...
some i've known most of my life.
a friend... that is a friend... REMAINS a friend.
there is something special there... a glue... that holds that bond.
no distance... no amount of time... can change what's there.
you just pick up.
where you left off.
and continue to make memories you will forever treasure.