brown eyed fox

back at the den

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what a ride that was!
i am happy & sad... all at the same time...
to report i'm hanging up the handbag for a while!
being away from home for five and a half weeks is a long time.
a long time AND it was a great time.
i look forward to sharing some of the fun.

may i say...
i know i said it before... however...
i didn't MEAN to be away from blogging.
posting my own.
reading and enjoying yours.
i didn't mean to be away from my computer.
at all.
it just happened.
i think true relaxation set in.
and set in BIG.
a mental break of sorts.
maybe i just didn't KNOW i needed a break.

to play a bit of catch up.
sorting the mail.
unpacking the suitcases.
starting the laundry.
you know...
all that "returning from vacation" stuff.
just really getting back in the swing of things.

about the five pounds i put on while in that lazy butt relaxation mode!
i FELT it but... wasn't postive until i stepped on the scale today.
five and a half weeks is too long to "take off".
so mad at myself.
what was i thinking.
and it's SUMMER!
when you're five two and three quarters... five pounds is A LOT!

now that we're back at the den...
it's time to catch up & step it up.
this should be fun!

hugs to you all... BIG ones.
i've missed you!
SO much!