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a crisp cool night and a couple silly girls.
they are full of vinegar already!
wild and woolly little turkeys they are.
i think i mentioned already but...
summer FOR SURE has gone to their heads!


they sure are fun turkeys though!
being all cool in their shades... AT DUSK.

well... the sunglass wearing turkeys are packing their bags.
we're loading up the 'ol suv soon for our traditional summer spree!

 we are so ready.

we have had a simple yet great first week and a half of summer break.
nights by the fire in our jammies.
eating smores like they're calorie free or something.
 planting & caring for our new potted pretties.
finally getting to wear sandals.
enjoying the "wow" truly beautiful wyoming night sky.
 fun nights out with friends.
cranking the windows wide open.
games.  games.  games.
all great!  
really great!

we're ready though.

really ready to see family.
SO hard being so far away from them ALL. 
if we could just figure out a way to smoosh
wyoming... texas... and indiana all together... that'd be perfect.
i know i have blabbered about it before but... for me...
being away from family is brutal!
it brings me to tears... makes me mad... makes me sad.
it's that time again.
time to soak up some family goodness.
fill up our love banks.

 i know this spree is JUST what is needed.
being that i personally have felt out of sorts...
if i may be honest.
not like myself at all lately.
a bit like a shadow... there... but not letting my light shine.
do you know what i mean?
what is the deal?
where is that little light of mine?  :O)
i can't even seem to focus.
it sure will be nice to be around lots of family.

you know...
where you fit in.
feel like you.
where they can remind you how special AND crazy you truly are.  :O)

i've got to do some serious somersaults to get ready for this soon to be spree.
some serious... high flying get 'r done.
this mama turkey is behind!

oh and please...
do tell if yall have played any travel games lately you really liked.
i think we'll be needing them.  :O)