brown eyed fox

team-up thursday

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 the fresh feel & taste of WATER.
there is nothing quite like it.
it can cool you down and pep you up.
it can hydrate and quench your thirst.
it can be so much fun.

i sure love jenn's capture...
reminds me of summer days when i was a kid.

when we made it to nonny & poppy's house yesterday...
lil bit went straight for a dip... piggy dip of course.

make sure to peek over at the the team-up flickr pool...
there are so many great dips to see!
and of course team up thursday for more fun...
or to even join in yourself.

oh and get this...
i got to meet two friends for lunch that i have known through blogging...
melody and suzanne.
it was so neat!
so fun.
really glad we got together.
they were just as i expected.
so pretty... so nice...  and their kiddos... well...
they were all packed with personality.

a gift from above.
i can actually hear it falling outside right now.
love that sound.
it sure will make for some pretty blooms.