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tiptoeing into summer

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well… we have been rolling into summer over here.
you know… the “school is officially out… it’s really over” thing.

IMG_3729 IMG_3712
i can’t believe it.
this year buzzed right by didn’t it?
faster it seems than ever before.

it’s been one weekend and a day…
and i can report… my kids have already lost it.
silly… wild… popsicle eating… crazy girls… they are!
isn’t it funny how when a bit of “no-routine” hits…
they think it’s free for all.
oh wait…
or is it just my kids?

even though we have yet to really move into a warm streak over here.
we have had a few really beautiful days.
even found this little guy enjoying it a bit.

before the mower made it’s rounds of course.

i know my texan friends will find this crazy…
this is only the second mow of the season!
can you believe that?
wow… the difference in climate.

i DO love mowing season though! 
something about that sound.
a comfort of some sort.
another sense i suppose…
telling us the lazy days of summer have arrived.

all the things of summer.
little by little…
it should be fun to dig in!

i think we’re just getting used to the idea.
getting our feet wet…
for all the splashing that lies ahead.

on a total side note…
just seeing this on the today show…
how schools are banning them.
what is the deal with these silly bandz?
or should i say…
WHAT are they?
have we been living under a big wyoming rock or what?
haven’t even seen them here.
i can for sure see my girls loving them though!
all those shapes.
oh… wow.
hmm… big rock.