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team-up thursday

capturingcarissa fox4 Comments

{ line 'em up }

look at them all lined up there.
i love that!
i think i spy your little one jenn... so cute!

for our diptych this week we did { line 'em up }.
i know...
i did not exactly come up with the most original thing with the golf balls.
i tell ya...
they are obsessed over here!
golf crazies i tell you!
my mom... my step-dad... all their friends...
i am INCLUDING that daughter of mine!
she LOVES golf camp!
and i was worried!
she wants to line 'em up and play play play!
oh boy!
or should i say oh girl!
girl power!

every night after camp they go out again to play.
because they simply didn't get enough.
that crazy in them coming out again.
last night we went along for the ride.

i DO love the fact that they love it.
enjoy it SO!
and... it IS fun to watch them!
and... would you just look at her clothes laid out last night.
she has done that every night.
SO loving golf camp!
another day of lining 'em up & having fun!

thanks jenn for the team up fun...
here's to it...
lining up a day full of crazy goodness!