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girl power

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campbell... aka miss "soupy"...
getting in some practice before day one of camp.

good thing my mom was there to help...
i am CLUELESS when it comes to golf... with a capital c.
my lessons will soon have to follow.
i would have signed myself up for her camp had they allowed old ladies.

lil bit though she's not quite ready for the golf thing...
she'd rather run around & gather all the balls...
has informed us...
she wants a pink bag!
it'a all about the look ya know!

she was having quite the time with the puppy next door.

all i know...
how cute is she!

this morning.
sooooo excited... and sooooo nervous all at the same time.

and what we thought MIGHT just happen... did.
she is the only girl in the camp.
bless her heart!
she was REALLY wanting another girl to play along side.
we could SEE she was nervous as they walked off.
i had such anxiety as her mama...
just wanting her to have fun.
be herself.
be confident.

i just hope she has fun!
that's all that matters.
as long as at the end of it...
she has a SMILE on her face.