brown eyed fox

brimming moxie

capturing, playingcarissa fox10 Comments

somehow they knew it was time to don the hats.
time to prepare themselves for the opening gate.

i love this one… high five sis!
almost like they had laid down a big bet & won!

a very exciting two minutes… for sure!
it was a wild finish… wasn’t it!
with good ‘ol boy calvin making it to the line first again!
what a run!

all i know… those horses are beautiful…
they exude such an incredible strength don’t they?
i’ve always thought horses were so graceful…
how they effortlessly gallop about.
and yet…
the power that lies behind each stride is truly amazing!

we have quite a big week ahead of us.
we are packing our bags!

i think i need to find one of those fancy hats & throw it on my head today.
just maybe it’ll bring a bit of moxie my way.
some moxie & a big dose of get up & go… go… go…
to get everything done!

here’s to monday yall…
and a hat packed to the brim with GO!