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team-up thursday

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May 25, 2010-1

i sure missed team up thursday.
missed you jenn!
missed all the great dips!
hard to believe it’s been three weeks.
time flies when you’re having fun…
and now trying to play catch up after all that fun.

with SUMMER just ahead…
right there… in sight…
at our finger tips…
the fun will just keep rolling!

with school bells ringing for one last time this week…
the wind chimes of SUMMER will be singing loud!

watermelon eating.
barefoot going.
sundress wearing.
trip taking.
splish splashing.

it is upon us!

the sun was shining her happy face upon us the other day.
so much so that we threw out a blanket…
i threw off my shoes…
and we let the sun shine on our noses.
do you see her little nose?
i laughed when i uploaded this pic!
look at her… basking!

what have you got cooking?
are you looking forward to corn on the corn too?
maybe ready to do a bit of sleeping in?
do you have a trip planned?
do tell!

btw… thanks for your sweet comments on our euro trip…
the final stop… part five… will post friday.
and if you’ve seen national lampoon’s european vacation…
hopefully you’ll appreciate a pic or two.

it’s time to ring in SUMMER…
and let the FUN shine on our faces!