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european vacation… part three

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before we knew it… it was time to load up on the train…
and head to our next spot.
we loaded up in brussels & were on our way.

just about a two and a half hour ride and we’d be there.
little did we know… how do i put this… hmmm…
how disappointed we’d be.

we had arrived in amsterdam.

when we left the train station we were a bit taken aback at what we saw.
we had heard such great things.
”what’s the deal” we thought.
with our bags in tow… we quickly made our way to the hotel.

the hotel was nice… actually great.
it had been newly remodeled.
it was really clean.
we thought the interior was fun & whimsically modern.
”okay… it will be alright”… we thought.

it turns out…
amsterdam just happened to be in the middle of a TRASH STRIKE!
and we’re not just talking about overflowing dumpsters here.

you think the fun & whimsical hotel we were staying in
would have TOLD us about the strike upon arrival.
you know something like… “the city is not normally like this… there is a trash strike”!
they didn’t say a word.
no one mentioned actually… to be honest… it was like the trash was not a big deal.

finally during a late lunch one day… jason asked…
the server was nice enough to inform us of the strike.
”ohhhhhhh”… we thought… “so that’s why we rolled our suitcases through filth”! 

well… we were there… it was time to make the best of it.

IMG_2144 IMG_2140
like climbing an i.
with a little help from his friend. 
look at that grass… you can SEE it… that was RARE when we were there.
i assume the museum took their own trash measures temporarily.

we also went that day to see the Anne Frank house.
that was amazing!
standing where she stood.
in the same space they took hiding.
where her thoughts were put to paper.  
imagining her and her family’s life for those years.

i went back over my photos from while we were in amsterdam.
i have nothing.
i think i was in shock.
trash shock.
honestly i suppose we were just trying to focus on the the good… the pretty things.
if we focused on the trash it would just make it worse.
i did however find some photos after googling… lots came up on the strike. 
to see what it was like when we were there…
check out this guys flickr shots
they were taken during the SAME time we were there!
the only thing missing… the smell.
now tell me…
would you too be worried about rats!  :O)

by total happenstance… on our last night there… we found heaven!
heaven in the form of authentic italian!

my dish was cooked right there in a large parmesan bowl.
the food was incredible.
the service was great.
the experience was divine.

this was the double decker bike garage outside the train station.

we were on our way again.

leaving amsterdam behind.

meeting up with toby again… he didn’t make the amsterdam trip…
he would be with us on the rest of our adventure though.

next stop…
about seven hours by train… we’d be there.
another part of the trip we will always remember!

some things i will remember about our stop in amsterdam…
getting to see the Anne Frank house.
viewing some amazing artwork.
our divine italian dinner experience.
making the best of things in the middle of a dirty strike.