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european vacation… part two

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on the way to our next spot…
we made a stop at a “quick grocery/gas” station.
i found myself fascinated by the packaging.
not sure what it was.
the packaging.
something about it.
maybe it’s just that it’s different & in french.

IMG_1773 IMG_1779
a car ride away from brussels was our next spot.
(aka as brugges in flemish)!

as we began to drive into the area we were in awe i think… i know i was. 
it was so quaint.
so charming.
it was full of character!
IMG_1781 IMG_1786
just like it was in brussels… man’s best friend was always tagging along.
we saw them on trains… in restaurants… pubs… shops.
loved this little guy in his sweater!

not sure WHY we didn’t go in for a couple truffles?

IMG_1788 IMG_1790
brick & cobblestone was everywhere.
in all shapes & sizes… textures… colors.
it screamed rustic beauty.

IMG_1792 IMG_1793
there were little courtyards tucked here & there in between the buildings.
like secret rooms… often canopied by trees & softened with growing vines.
a perfect spot to have some coffee & conversation. 
IMG_1794 IMG_1851
IMG_1796 IMG_1798
IMG_1853 IMG_1801IMG_1825
this was inside the stunning church/cathedral…
The Church of Our Lady.

IMG_1814 IMG_1838
the splendid detail.
the grandeur.
it certainly was a site to behold.
the beauty.
the history.
the spirit.
the impromptu hymns we heard.
you felt it.

in the church also was Michaelangelo’s Madonna.
made of marble in 1504 and
was the ONLY piece to leave italy during Michaelangelo’s lifetime.
removed twice since it’s arrival but… was returned each time… and remains today.

now this was a boat i was all to eager to get in (i am not a big water person)!
it was like a scene out of a book i thought.
didn’t even seem real.
i even wondered if those pansies were real… they were of course.

sitting by the dock… i couldn’t resist… he didn’t seem real either.
what a smile.
what a gentleman.
sipping on whisky perhaps?

IMG_1859 IMG_1855
oh… hey toby… i knew he was real.

IMG_1865 IMG_1892
the canal boat ride was a highlight for sure.
getting to see things from a different perspective.
also made me wish we had more time to explore the town.

IMG_1901 IMG_1909
we thought this was so neat… it was a trellis.
just waiting there all pretty for the vine to grab on.

IMG_1931 IMG_1939
oh the charm in Bruges.
we loved you so!
there was still so much ground to cover… more good to see… take in.
one day… we hope to see you again.

IMG_1930 IMG_1956
some things i remember about our day trip to Bruges…
certainly… The Church of Our Lady.
the canal boat ride.
the clippity clop of the horse hooves as they passed by.
the beautiful yet mighty buildings made of brick.
the quaint narrow streets.
the surprises around every corner.
i want to go back.

here’s to fRidAy…
and here’s to finding fun surprises around every corner!