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team-up thursday

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{ routines }

we sure have them don’t we?
and sometimes i think… the more we have… the better!
they keep us on pace & on goal.
they keep us on time too.
i do think i am a sucker for routines.
always have been.
never been a “fly by the seat”… last minute plans… kind of gal.
i KNOW… no fun!
it throws me off.
”like whoooooa… wait a sec… but we have to _______ !”

i have always heard that routine is good for kids.
that it brings them a level of comfort… security and peace.
the one thing i know… which i am SURE you too can vouch…
things can get CRAZY… can i get an AMEN?
so with some routine in place… when the crazy hits…
there is some sort of order.
like last night…
for a perfect example…
when our eldest daughter flipped out trying to finish her research paper.
let me say that again…
bless her heart… it was a toughie… it was!
but… she DID it.
when she was done…
the ROUTINE of jumping in the bath…
brushing her teeth
& putting on her comfy jammies brought her PEACE!
i know it did!
that… and… lots of hugs!

those lovely little things… called routines! 
even vacuuming :)… i think can bring peace… ONCE it’s done.
my word… what IS IT about vacuuming anyway?
when it’s done… it’s like the whole house feels spanking clean!
doesn’t it? 

off the top of my head i think my favorite ROUTINE has to be…
the one i just did.
walking my sleeping self to the coffee pot!
awwwwe… peace!

there are a ton!
some better than others… but ALL good in their own way.
what’s one of your favorites?

jenn & i had so much fun yesterday putting our dip together.
we laaaaaaaugghed!
like a bunch of kooks!
to the point of calling ourselves just that!
all i know… THAT bench!
has got to be THE most fun ever!

i look forward to the fun ROUTINE of sneaking over to team-up thursday.
always fun to see what melody megan… and all the other neat gals come up with.
i mean really…
it’s amazing how…
small moments…
little nuances…
colorful what-nots… 
normal everyday routines…
can be captured!

off to jump back into the ROUTINE of getting the girlies geared up for the day!

you gotta love thursday!
cause YA KNOW friday is in tow!