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winter is trying to hang on here.
have a little last minute run for fun i think.
this is what it looks like outside right now.

a downy blanket of snow…
with flurries still coming down.

i just love the chartreuse green peeking through…
i love the fact that we will be warming up to the forties.
bye bye snow!
you sure are pretty but… it’s time for you to GO!

me… being the weird neighbor lady… out in my robe this morning.

i am loving the new method laundry detergent bottle.
have yall seen it?
tried it?
you just pump it.
and wash. 
no pour in the lid to measure mess…  i LOVE it!

and while i’m on the loving thing…
i had always seemed have streaky windows & mirrors.
had tried it ALL…
using newspaper… vinegar… dash of rubbing alcohol.
nothing ever worked.
”knock my socks off”…
the new pledge multi surface is AWESOME!
it SO does the trick!
have you tried it? 
almost shockingly good.
no streaks!
clear as a bell!
i sound like a commercial!  :)

awwwwe… the little things that make a woman’s world go round!

do you ever have to remind yourself to just be YOU.
because YOU are what you are meant to be.
i do.

i used to be so good about keeping my catalogs & magazines under control.
not so much lately.
how is it that uline has a way of making me think i need everything in their catalog?

i really want two of these… :)… anyone have about 2400. i could borrow.  :)

i love my blog readers SO much! 
i feel SO blessed.
seriously find myself shaking my head… grabbing at my heart…
by the love i feel from you. 
ALL of you.
i get the NICEST messages.
so much kindness.
i read each & every message you send.
and lots of times… i reread them!
oh yes… i love them that much.
i just have to say thank YOU.
i adore you and treasure you more than you know!

i am still obsessed with molly & her babies.
they are getting SO big.
i love that their eyes are open now!
lots of times they are sleeping… but if you catch them all fresh & awake…
your heart will melt!
so fascinating!

i think i might have drank too much coffee this morning.  :)
didn’t think i could do that.

off to get out taxes wrapped up & sent to the accountant this morning.
nothing like last minute.
then i can exhale a bit.

i will be missing our friend’s 50th birthday bash this weekend.
not liking that.
glad my hubby will be there though to represent the fox gang!
sure will miss you Jason… you OLD MAN you!
looking forward to our adventure in May… we can toast BIG then!

speaking of adventure…
we will be going on one in May.
oh yes.
more on that later.

wow… for sure random!
ya think!

one last thing… because lunch is on my mind…
i think i might be addicted to goat cheese!
is there ANYTHING that’s not good with?

here’s to wednesday!
an extra effort… a really big leap… up & over… this hump under our feet!