brown eyed fox

with sprinkles on top

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meet sally.

that’s what they named her.

their yummy bunny cake…
complete with coconut marshmallow eyes.
they were so proud of her!
when they finished i expected them to want to dig in right away.
”mom… we’re saving it for the big day… OF COURSE!”
silly me.

well… the big day arrived…
and easter morning we woke up to snow flurries.

a perfect morning for reading ABOUT the big day…

throwing on their new cozy slippers… FROM THE DOLLAR SECTION AT TARGET.
gotta love that section!
campbell better watch those… they fit me too.

with the snow outside…
it was egg hunt plan b.

i think the girlies really like that anyway…
lots of good hiding spots inside.

i’ll mention…
they do know we hide the eggs.
not that we don’t like the easter bunny…
we have just never talked about a bunny per se.
it’s easter…
we celebrate the resurrection…
the eggs n such… are the “sprinkles” in the day!
for fun!
and it IS fun!
like riley said when daddy asked them…
”why DO we celebrate easter girls?”
”because Jesus is ALIVE”
she said… all bright eyed & proud.
that little love.

so the hunt was on.

just don’t tell them about the peanut butter egg…
i hid for MYSELF!

something really neat too…
in our front yard… we found eggs & treats for the girls.
that was a surprise to us all!
i think one of our sweet friends must have gone hopping about.
well that… or one really big bunny hopped through here.  :)

when it came time to make dinner…
campbell jumped right in as sous-chef… as they like to call it.
that is one thing she is ALWAYS gung ho about.
wow… she is just getting SO big!
and SO helpful!

she set the table too.
i always love the fun things she comes up with.
this time…
our spots were marked with an animal.
don’t ya just love my bonnet!  :)

dinner was great… and way filling.
those mashed potatoes are my weakness!

before we knew it…
it was dry enough to head outside for cascarones fun!
thank you SO much nonny & poppy…
i’m so glad the girls get to experience such a neat tradition.
it was a little piece of home here in wy. 
and of course… there is nothing better than hearing their squeals!

yes… that’s the snow AND it was COLD…
and crazy girl had on sandals!
she said they were cute.  :)
so funny!

look at that determined face!

we had a great & blessed weekend.
sure hope you did too!

and btw…
i feel compelled to tell you…
that i successfully ate enough calories to last me the REST OF THE WEEK!

here’s to a fresh new week…
and MORE sprinkles!
the little kind…
the best kind…
all the little things in our days…
that make life so sweet!