brown eyed fox

picnic time

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little by little…
it seems like each day gets a bit warmer… greener… spring like.
TOTALLY ignoring
the fact that our highs will be in the forties the rest of the week.
that we are still dropping below freezing at night.
that they are calling for a little snow accumulation.
that i long for the warm toasty sun on my face.

riley had a little trike-a-thon yesterday…
and the weather was perfect!
they even pulled out the popsicles!
with the little peeks of spring here & there… we’ll get there.

i think i’m just still learning what it’s like to live in the west.

one thing that we are LOVING.
all the fresh fruit!
we are like fruit eaten crazy fools!
i think i’ve eaten enough blackberries over the last week…
to be like the girl in willy wonka that gets rolled out like a big blueberry…
only i’m a blackberry.
i think they’re my favorite.
i think.
it’s all so good.
what’s your favorite fruit?

and for some more random…
and simply because i love her little stories.

i think my favorite has got to be cow bringing in the refreshing drinks!
perhaps some festive mint juleps?

i am sure… totally confident…
very soon we’ll be enjoying LOTS of outdoor picnics.
then we’ll be like crazy fruit eaten… picnic having… fools!

it’s wednesday yall!
glorious… marvelous… let’s get over this crazy hump… day!
big things!
big accomplishments!
big leaps!
betting on oodles of good today!