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113 of 365 seagull
good morning!
how are you today?
did you have a good weekend?
feeling refreshed?
feeling pretty good over here… the coffee is helping a lot.

a bit of snow fell yesterday.
we all just laughed & decided it was a good day to watch some movies.

finally saw avatar.
it wasn’t at all what we expected but…
i think we liked it.
really though… did they have to add all that language?
was that necessary.
didn’t find it too violent… but… the language.
wow… it jumped out.  didn’t even seem to “fit”.
we didn’t get that.  at all.

thinking THIS was the last of the snow.
i’m thinking that’s right.

lots on the burner to tackle today.
time to get to all those things on the “back burner” too…
i think they’ve been simmering long enough.

time to get those feet off the ground.

wait… another quick cup of joe… then…
let’s GO!