brown eyed fox

hAppY fRiDaY

exploring, hopingcarissa fox12 Comments

IMG_0445it was like a gentle tap on my shoulder “look over here”…
”look at my limbs”.

what normally would not have caught my attention.
now LEAPED OUT to bring me hope.

out & about yesterday… in the drizzling cold rain… i spotted…
the first buds of the season!
oh… i’ve been looking.
every day.
like a crazy lady on a sprout hunting mission!

they almost looked fake to me.
could it be?
i touched them… they really were REAL.
tangible whispers of what’s to come.

i tell you… it was like the first sip of coffee in the morning.
pure JOY!
the staff at the restaurant… where i found the tree…
looked at me through the window like i WAS a crazy lady…
out there taking pictures of this modest little tree.
i looked over smiled at them… waved… “yes i’m crazy”…
and went back to taking my pictures!

we are expecting rain throughout the next couple days…
can you imagine the blooms there will be after that!

here’s to fRiDaY…
and to all those little whispers of hope about.
may they leap out…
tap us on the shoulder…
& bring us bits of pure JOY.