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pineapple cilantro candles… three pigs… and a picnic

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we could not get over how PRETTY this last weekend was!
the sun was smiling upon wyoming for sure.
we talked about how we wanted to bottle it up.

we couldn’t figure out how to do that but…
we did manage to stay outside as much as we could.

they were drawing the three little pigs & their houses.

campbell was the official pig drawer…
i just love the characters she draws…
while riley was gung ho on getting her house of brick the pink variety.

we also were at the tail end of one of campbell’s school project.
the one where she chose “candle making”.
we had NO clue where to even begin.
after weeks of her doing her research paper… we both learned LOTS.

and i have to say… we’ve had fun together!

they were fun to make & smell great too!
i love… love…
that she came up with using toothpicks for the wicks on her display board topper.
pretty clever i thought.

each candle embellished a bit differently for the fun of it.
hopefully they won’t notice the fact that one shrunk during cooling
(see it? the fun one)…
well… it is a great real life example…
she can talk about how to avoid it in her presentation.
would you believe… they have to present for 7-12 minutes!
that’s quite a lot of talking.
is it just me… or is that a lot for a second grader?
it sure is fun to see those kiddos present though.
and what GREAT experience & practice for them!

oh… and we had a picnic too.
campbell & her pal packed the basket and all.

it was a GREAT weekend.
i seriously need to shift gears!
boy howdy…
i am behind……… again!
ya shift your focus a bit…and whoaaaaa… you’re off track.

i think i’ll pull a “riley”… you know how the little ones do.
how they make a running leap & go for it!

here’s to some high flying!
kicking those feet out & building some REALLY good momentum!