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wednesday’s list

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hi there!
can you believe we are ALREADY facing hump day? 
even crazier… that it’s the middle of april?

that is shocking to me.
ok… seriously… things are moving really fast.
before you know it we’ll be facing summer break!

i am a list maker… in a BIG way.
keeps me on track i think.
well… sometimes.
grocery lists.
urgent “get ‘er done” lists.
long term to do lists.
reminder lists.
you KNOW… all those things that have to get done.

with things moving so fast…
at least it feels that way…
my lists always seem to grow.
get longer.
again… you KNOW… you have many of the same lists.

so yesterday when i went to add to one of those lists…
i think it was the soy i had run out of for my coffee… horrors!
anywho… when i went to my list… it needed a little something.

so with some scrap pattern paper… good ‘ol mod podge…
i quickly turned my plain & boring pads into a something a bit more fun.
i think.
like a little a little splash of color… or fun patterned scarf for their necks.

so maybe the lists won’t feel so daunting now.

i tell ya… once again… it’s the little things isn’t it?

the lists seem really nuts right now.
maybe i LET them get that way?
who ME?
time to tackle… time to get ‘er done!

sure do wish you a happy wednesday!
a good get ‘er done day if you need that too.

whatever’s on those lists…
whatever it is we need to tackle…
it’s still going to be a GOOD ONE!
i just know it!