brown eyed fox

spring snap

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in their minds it was a balmy 90 degrees & smack dab in the thick on summer.
i was asked more than once to get out the “sprinkler thing”!
needless to say… we’re not quite THERE yet.
given the fact that we had SNOW again on friday (couldn’t believe it)…
it turned out to be a beautiful day yesterday!
our first taste of “awwwwwwe”…
where you just want to sit there & let the sun soak deep into your soul!

we all enjoyed it!

i wasn’t quite in a sleeveless top & sandals like the girlies.
i had on pants & three layers of tops!
i think i must still have some thawing out to do.

it’s a start though!
a hint!
a little leap frog.
spring is ON IT’S WAY.

i BELIEVE the warm snap yesterday put a zip in our step for week!
it gave us a little extra umph in our “solar batteries”!
charged us up… 
shined a light… on all the LIMITLESS possibilities & good right under our feet!