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team-up thursday

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Mar 31, 2010-1
{ four – legged }

i am thinking gretel is wanting to play with mazzy.
at least it looks like that.
she’s like “come on mazzy… i’ll show you where the bunnies are”!
”after chasing them a while… we can come back in for milk & cookies.”

for team-up thursday this week we decided to include our four-legged sidekicks.

gretel… is exactly that.
if i walk to another room… she’s right there behind me.
in the morning when i hop in the shower… there she is… waiting.
at night she sleeps… if not on top of me somehow… in bed with us.
my little miniature shadow.
she sure is fun to have around.
a comfort… always there… and loves us no matter what.

four-legged family members are such a gift… aren’t they?
do you have a furry sidekick in your family too?

i sure adore my sidekick… my partner… in this team-up fun.
always a bright spot in the week.
to see more dips… make sure to peek over here.
always neat new people joining in…
always room for you too.
and btw… you don’t have to have a blog…
adding your dip to the flickr group works great too.

now… here’s to dipping… diving… jumping right into today!