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Mar 3, 2010-1
would you look at his face!
i love it!
what is he thinking i wonder?
so darn cute!
that is jenn’s little one.
and my little one is in the shot on top.

this week for melody & megan’s team up thursday we chose {game}.
kids sure have game don’t they?
have you played a memory/matching game lately with a little one?
my word!
they’re good!
when we play lil bit beats me EVERY single time!
and there is none of this… “oh i’ll let her get one here and there”.
she wins fair and square.

i love how jenn & i had such similar angles.
i’d love to see our little ones play a game together!
how fun would that be.

all i know… to play with lil bit…
you have to be okay with her whooping & hollering.
she likes to win!
today she stood up after getting yet another pair and danced.
she danced!
helloooooo… could you show a little sympathy for your mom!

what games do your little ones like to play?
or you?
do you have a favorite?