brown eyed fox

roots of hope

capturing, hopingcarissa fox11 Comments

they sway about in the wind out there.
the crazy wyoming winds none the less.
sometimes so much so i think to myself…
hang in there trees.
stand strong.
dig down deep…  rely on those mighty roots of yours.
your time to show us what you’ve got is almost here.

those eleven aspens that we planted back in september
the ones that went dormant immediately.
we can’t wait to see them start to sprout some leaves.
you just never know.

you prepare their new home for their arrival.
tend to them.
feed them.
give them space… knowing that’s what they like for now.
even sometimes like a crazy lady… you talk to them.
all in hopes… they will spring back!

i have a feeling…
a hope…
they are all too ready to shine.
show us the “mighty” they’ve had in them this whole time.

and look at that… do you see what i see?
please tell me… i’m not that crazy.
i see one strong woman.
stretching her arms outward & upward?
READY to embrace the day.