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team-up thursday

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{ yellow }

like a tangy lemon.
a pretty canary.
yummy cheddar cheese. 
some corn on the cob.
a little easter chick.
why not wear yellow.

for me yellow evokes happiness.
it’s bright… crisp… it’s bold.
and yet…
it can be buttery soft and soothing.

come to think of it…
our dining room… two houses ago…
was yellow.
just thought of that!
a really bold… warm saffron yellow.
oh… i loved that room… that color!
i would for sure do that again! 
that was fun!

now i have to be honest.
i cheated a bit this week.
i had taken this picture for the dip but………
when i say jenn’s capture………
i HAD to use this one of lil bit.
just could not resist.
our own little yellow canaries!

is there a shade of yellow that lifts your spirits?
maybe calms you?
one that you like to wear or have in your home?

a dip of cheer in the middle of the week! 

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