brown eyed fox

82 of 365

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82 of 365 hanging out ALREADY past the eighty second day of the year!
that sure seems FAST to me.
a bit of one of those “shake your head” kind of things…
really… already… ?
how can that be?

being fully aware of the fact that i have been really out of the loop lately.
out of touch.
almost like i fell off the turnip truck on the last turn.
i might have!
doing my best to jump back up…
dust off…
get back IN the truck…
and face today… each day… with a new spirit.

life has its bumps…
doesn’t it?
those bumps sure can throw us.
right now i just need to be better at holding on.
the road AWLAYS has a way of smoothing out.

a new day… a new chance… a new spirit.
here’s to a fun ride… in a really cute red vintage truck!