brown eyed fox

mighty flakes

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a path i followed the other day when i went looking for a sprout!
i loved the wide open feel of it.
had no idea where it would lead… but… it was an little impromptu adventure.

isn’t he SO cute!
for some reason i think he is a he.
don’t you think?
the prairie dogs are all over the place here.
i know they have a pesty reputation… but they are so fun to watch!

and then remember the little sprout the girls found?
here it is right as the snow began to fall yesterday.
little teeny tiny flakes falling from the sky.
can you see that pretty little one hanging in there? 
a strong one!

and this little one.
teeeeeeeeeeny tiny over there… see it on the sprout?

both each so special and unique.
and quite determined.

with our highs in the twenties today…
and another little round of snow coming this morning…
more determined flakes will join in! 
even prettier when they stand together!

and speaking of pretty…
it’s fRidAy!
the beauty in that!
here’s to a day of seeing pretty all around.
big… small… embracing it all.