brown eyed fox

pinch of color

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the sidewalk chalk made it’s return debut this weekend.
with the sun peeking out just enough to warm the air…
it was an opportunity they were all too excited to tackle.

a kiss from spring for sure.
reminding us that she is blowing our way.
a little whisper here… a whisper there…
before we know it we are dancing to her beautiful music.
and the “spring”ing forward thing…
that’s always neat.
on one hand…
it makes it harder to get up in the morning when it’s still pitch-dark… however…
you gotta love the longer… lingering days.
more light for coloring those rainbows.

72 of 365 bowl of chalk
and speaking of color…
it sure has been fun capturing a bit of that each day in doing the 365 project.
{see the button that’s been hanging out in the side bar} 
i wasn’t sure how it was all going to work out when i first started.
a photo EVERY day… captured IN that day.
it intrigued me so much though.
i take a ton of photos…
so i thought why not.
it has been interesting.
some days i find it hard to pick just one.
and others… i think to myself… is that ALL i have?
i have to say…
it’s been fun though!
not all perfect by any means… but a pinch of something within that day.
it should be fun to see how all the color comes together in the end.

wonder what kind of hue today will be?
maybe a little get up & go magenta for this monday?
what d’ya think?