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city snippet

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when the suitcases came out she knew.
she knew we were headed somewhere. 
usually when we go out of town she is right there with us.
unfortunately… even though she put herself IN MY PURSE…
she just couldn’t go this time.
i always hate leaving her behind.
look at her face!

we had made it…
for our little get away.

for some fresh air.
some shopping.
and what the girl’s always love… room service.
the great part… our friends & neighbors were there too.
things are always better with friends!
some of the things we did…

we all went bowling.

ate loads of things we shouldn’t have.

took one of those night carriage rides.

laughed our heads off at the fun downtown.
this guy was SO funny.
i was cackling!

we went to the book store!
a luxury i miss in our town.

we stayed for hours.

found some treasures…
and headed back to the hotel for more reading.

lil bit took WAY too many candies from the dish in the club.
the kids went swimming.
we watched movies.
we even celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary.

before we knew it…
we were headed home.

i think it was all just the right amount.
the right dose of fun.
and just what we needed.

now that we’re back home…
i will admit…
i am feeling a bit behind.
no… really behind!
funny how that works.
just going to take it one thing at a time… it’ll get there.

all i know…
the sun is shining today… NO snow!
sure makes for a bright outlook!
a bright day!
sure hope the sun is shining on your face today too!
happy friday!