brown eyed fox

kitty in the kitchen

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early morning jammie fun.
just lil bit & me.
i LOVE that time!
i get up…
take the grinder into the guest room to grind…
as not to wake anyone.
”pleeeeeease… no one wake up”… is what i think.
i need ALONE time!
shortly after i’m up… it’s lil bit.
as much as i like to have solo quiet… her little face walking in…
i’ll TAKE it… any day!

she decided she felt like painting.
so… while i put on a pot roast… she pulled up a stool & kept me company.

then… all of a sudden… she gave me a look.
you know the ones…
where you can almost SEE them thinking.
”mom… do we have face paint?”

there she was… a kitty… painting a kitty.

my little pal.

one thing i HAD to tackle this weekend.
my spot… studio… space… office… what have you.
i walked through the door… and MADE myself get things in order.
how DOES it get so nuts?
i find when i get hectic… too much on the plate… it gets SO disorganized.
this & that gone amuck.
”this” is NOT where it’s supposed to be…
and “that” is all over the place!
much better now.

feeling refreshed this morning… and BLESSED!

blessed & grateful.
for today.
for the urge i feel in my belly… that tells me to LEAP.
to go for it.
to take on today with a smile & a happy heart.

i have a feeling this is going to be a REALLY good week…
feel it?