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heLLO monday

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37 of 365 i see you
she was the lookout i suppose.
making sure no one was going to crash their fort.

even gretel was trying to get a peek inside.

it was one of THOSE weekends.
an inside… out of the cold… kicking back kind.
a little fort building.
cookie baking.
a bit of painting.
a good weekend it was!

we dug into a king cake too.
little bit was the lucky finder.
she was so excited…
the deal was… whoever found it got to pick our family movie that night.
so… space buddies it was.

and how about the saints!
that was such a great game!
hubby might be from Indi… wore his blue and all but…
those saints were incredible!
and how awesome…
first time to super bowl AND they got a win!
gotta love that!

hands down my favorite commercial had to be the
cute longhorn… clydesdale… friends…  budweiser commercial.
i loved that one.
wasn’t it SO cute?
AND so true…
no fence… of any kind… can keep good friends from being together.

just like we dug into that king cake…
i am eager to dig into this week!
heLLo monday!
we’re happy you’re here.
certain you’ll be hectic…
we know you tend to be…
with all that hectic also comes accomplishments.
those lovely little things… big & small… that help us know we are on our way.

here’s to embracing the hectic…
the hairy…
the back to work…
back to school…
i just poured my first cup of joe… that should help!
cheers yall.