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we snapped the snappers

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team up. self portrait
team up thursday time again!
and this time is was a “self portrait”.
i suppose that’s still better than seeing & HEARING myself on video.
oh no… what is it… something about that… NOT good.

i love how our pics balance each other in temperature.
think that is so neat.
mine being cool… and jenn’s being well… she’s hOt!

i took a quick peek to see what melody & megan had come up with.
fun… i tell you… FUN!
loving the creative juices over there!

on the self portrait thing.
i really want to make an effort to capture me TOO.
you know?
since we are the ones toting the camera it rarely gets turned around.
i can imagine it is the same with you.
we ARE there… you just don’t see us.

this was a perfect reminder.
a perfect push.
to get started.
to get us to snap the snapper.
click the clicker.
push the button on the button pusher.
capture the gal BEHIND the camera.

have you captured YOU lately?
why not set that timer & get to clicking!