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mental inventory (nine)
the number of jenn’s favorite vintage bowling pins.
the time on a treasured family vintage pocket watch.
wah- la… our {nine} team-up thursday diptych.

i am loving the aged quality of the pair.
just so neat to see how our captures come together each week.

when i think of the number nine…
the FIRST thing that hits my mind is the fact that my baby will be nine soon. 
melody’s baby too.
actually that’s where the idea of nine came in.
from melody & megan
we just grabbed their fun idea and ran with it.
thanks yall!

just like that.
i would swear she was just nine MONTHS.
HOW do they grow up so fast?
our children.
little growing miracles they are.
remarkable change before our eyes…
and undeniable proof of time.
growing taller & wiser with every day.
it’s just amazing!

that also sounds like the number of cups of coffee i might need this morning.
and the number of errands i need to run…
out in the snow where is feels like nine degrees.

a fresh new batch of snow fell last night…
it is SO pretty.
so while i’m driving around town…
gripping the steering wheel like the crazy texan i am…
sipping on that nine cups…
it sure will be PRETTY!

sure hope YOUR day is pretty too!