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have a heart

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have heart
more diptych… team-up thursday… fun!
this week… we chose…
{ have a heart }.

i bet you can guess which one is jenn’s capture!

how very special a faithful friend IS!
a treasure of the heart for sure!
love this one SO much jenn!
the color… the perfectly tattered background.

for mine…
this week i had been feeling very vulnerable…
very heavy hearted.
been an off week to say the least.
this represented the letting go…
a bit of just allowing my heart to just BE.

it also hit me… 
after i uploaded the diptych here…
what is better for our hearts… than a faithful friend?
so neat!
crazy how that worked.
so perfectly!

i sure hope that today finds YOU with an open heart.
a faithful heart.
a HAPPY heart.