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red whining

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thank goodness for slipcovers…
slipcovered furniture that is.

my good idea of a glass of wine last night…
(to try to get rid of a three day headache)…
turned into a really good glass of FLYING wine.
red wine of course.
across the room.
making landing strips of the wool rug & sofa.

four machine washes later…
i think the slipcovers/sofa is good.

the rug…

not so much.
i did what i have SEEN work before.
the salt thing.
you know… pour it on… it soaks it all up… let it dry… vacuum it away… wah lah.
no wah lah this time.
not sure why.
any advice?
had any luck removing wine from wool or rugs?
do tell!
i think i might try my sister’s “go to” remedy.
hydrogen peroxide… water… splash of dish soap.
at this point if i can’t get it out… i might as well try it all right?

thankful the furniture is okay.
hope to fix the rug.
and trying to REMIND myself…
it’s just a rug!
a rug!
i was SO mad.
LOST was just about to start.  :)
got myself all worked up over it.
it’s a RUG for pete’s sake.
sure… i don’t like stained things but…
come on…
in the grand scheme of things…
it IS just a rug.
just had to say that out loud again.  :)
why do i get so mad?
get myself worked up?
over silly things.
”oy vey!”

sitting in the snow
in other news… :)…
i have been cutting… 
adding patina…
and trying to finish up some pieces for the shop.
thanks for the inquiries… SO nice…
they will be added later this week.
i will also say…
the wearable pieces that will be listed…
will be it.
sort of a get while you can get it… thing.
if you have any questions don’t hesitate to give me a shout.

art in progress
hoping to pull out the paint brushes and such later in the week too.
would love to finish up some pieces i’ve had in progress.
happiness… is what that brings… happiness.

now… if i could just get rid of this headache.
it’s a doozy.
feels like my head is in a vise.
it’s been days!
i can barely think.
any advice on that too?

gosh… have i complained enough?
i better shoo.
find something to help my head…
make valentines with lil bit.

i pray your day has been good…
i BELIEVE… know… mine will get better.