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team-up thursday

capturingcarissa fox4 Comments

{ december }

a month to reflect.
to celebrate.
to be near those we love.
to give.
count our many blessings.
to rejoice.
and sing happy birthday!

thanks melody and megan... for always bringing us cheer!
for reminding us to stop... take notice... and capture.
team-up thursday always... and yes i mean always... brings fun.
i simply adore my partner jenn and look forward to our diptychs.
like a mini mid week adventure.
and i think i saw they are looking for "dippers" too...
have someone that needs a partner.
and for that matter if you have a partner in mind... grab 'em and join in...
you'll like the adventure too.

such a special month.
a special time.
here's to stopping... taking notice... of all the "tinsel"... all the "gifts".
 all those things that bring spirit and cheer.