brown eyed fox

singing & stringing

nestingcarissa fox6 Comments

i think she is my favorite of all.
i say that every year i think but... i sure am loving our tree.
it is the perfect amount of pretty & charlie brown all in one!
i LOVE charlie brown trees!
and oh... the fresh smell of that pine!!!!!!!
i want to bottle it up!

this last weekend... 
we cranked up the Christmas tunes... pulled out the lights... and started stringing.

some of us did a little dancing too.

we made cider... hot cocoa... and we sang REALLY loud!
hubby/daddy thought the girls were losing their minds.
i think we were... a little... to the spirit of it all... we simply couldn't help ourselves.

the stockers have been hung too.
all in a row... all ready.

looking and feeling a bit more like Christmas with each day!
now... if we could just get the snow to FALL!
come on flakes... we miss you.
the rest of wyoming has been experiencing record snow falls...
while we experience record highs and dries.
i bet it's coming soon.
and we can't wait! 

happy wednesday yall.
happy almost over the hump day.
 happy singing too!
you know... the fun... silly kind... where you think nobody's watching...
or hearing you!