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good morning!

finding the more people i talk to... the more behind i feel.
 how is it possible they are done shopping?
i think they're wondering... how is it you're NOT done.
in my mind... it feels like there is plenty of time to get it all done.
i HAVE purchased two gifts!
 they ARE fun... these two... i have managed to purchase.

feeling pretty good about it all though.
confident i can get it all bought... wrapped... shipped... and under the tree.
plenty 'o time!

are you DONE?
where are you in the shopping stage?
do tell.

oh... and really fast... speaking of behind...
i did get your sweet message... thank you...
i am just a wee bit behind on that too.

with all this "behind"... this morning's cup called for a little extra.
little extra umph... and "come on girl... we can do this".
whipped cream can do that you know!