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it seemed day before yesterday... as i took all the Christmas down...
that i had JUST put it all up.
this year seemed to pass faster than any i can recall.

all i know... we sure loved having the extra cheer out & about...
and just like with each year... we'll look foward to it all over again next.

there is just so much fun in getting it all out.
the lights... the collections... the merry this & that.
rediscovering all those treaures & traditions.

she rang her bell over & over...
when granmama told her about how angels get their wings.
and then made lots of funny faces!
oh the joys of seeing our reflection!

we've been playing lots.
eating lots... of yummy food.
relaxing lots.

and celebrating lots.
daddy... aka the hubster... hit the big 40 on Christmas eve!
that called for trick candles on the cake.
and those suckers would not go out... think they lit back up five times.
strong... stubborn & full of fire... just like him...
our faithful & mighty leader.
i have a feeling this new year... this new phase... will be a great one for him!

 granmama (my mom) and granpapa (my stepdad) were with us this Christmas too!
sure was neat having them... to share in it all.

i just love seeing their early morning smiling faces.
something i look forward to most.
precious little bundles of love.
all excited.

i loved seeing my mom's face when she opened her special gift too.
hands down... has to be my favorite thing... giving.

sure hope your Christmas was merry!
bright & full!

 i have more to share...
we've had lots of happenings over the last month or so.

for now...
here's to soaking in the last few days of two thousand ten!
counting all our blessings... recalling all the good... preparing for what's to come!