brown eyed fox

waltzing in...

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it is just a breath.
a breeze... that passes by.
a moment.
a whisper.
 a blink.
we are but dust.

so hard to wrap my mind around it all.
to understand... as a human... how it all works.
how one day we are here on earth... the next we are gone.

one thing i know...
what a gift this "dust" is.
we are.
to one another.
what a blessing!
to get to be a part of one's life on earth.
to share.
to be a part.
to love.

a gift.
there is no other like it.
as important as it.

our gran-tom was such a gift to us.
a man that oozed class.
could wear an ascot or bow tie... out to lunch... it was so him!
knew how to tango... waltz... do the foxtrot... you name it... he danced it.
loved his chocolate chip cookies... and ice cream.
even liked to watch reality tv... oh he did.
traveled the world.
loved my granmama and sure made her smile.
had a successful career... where made a name for himself.
lived an amazing life.
made a beautiful... incredible... loving family.
made us all better.

we will miss him so.
though we know...
he is dancing his best dance yet... behind those golden gates.