brown eyed fox

happy things...

loving, smilingcarissa fox4 Comments

they have started to bloom!

i had mentioned these bulbs before... a couple weeks back.
they are peeking!
we have a peeker!
i find these kind of things very exciting!

so does she!
silly goose.

and the smell... oh the smell!
sooooo pretty!
imagine when they all bloom!
oh happy little things.

as i wrapped up a few yesterday the scent kept sneaking over... to say hi.
so nice!
sure loved that.

oh... and i had to unwrap one too.
one that i had just wrapped the night before... forgot to tag...
and then forgot what the heck it was and who it was to.
"oh yeahhhhh"... as i opened it.
thinking i best tag as i wrap!

and while i'm on happy things...
thanks to... a sweet greek friend of mine... Jen...
i got to try baklava for the first time ever!
she remembered me saying i had never had it...
and brought over fresh treats.
so thoughtful... SO nice!
and helloooooo... where has it been all my life?
have i been ignoring it?
just passing right by?
have you had it?
that is some really good stuff!

and one more happy thing...
it's fRiDaY!
here's to it yall!
cheers to it!
hope your weekend is full of smiles... and those happy little things!