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what a thanksgiving!
i am still trying to sit with it... remember all the fun... and boy howdy...
there was lots of fun!
it sure seemed to go by awfully fast though.
on our flight/drive back home it felt like we had JUST loaded up to leave.
i sure hope you are smiling just thinking about your thanksgiving too.

i have seven loads of laundry piled by color & ready to be tackled.
packages to ship.
suitcases to unpack.
bills to pay.
kids to get back in the swing of school.
a meeting to attend.
errands to run.
groceries to be bought.
and an advent to get together... after all... today is the first!
the first!

have more to share about our fun trip back home...
just need to get my wits about me a bit first.

happy wednesday!
happy first day of december!
let the cheer begin!