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random weekend peek

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we had a great little weekend.

playing... relaxing... shopping... visiting... eating... being... together.

as a family.
and it was good to the last drop.
just wish there was a bit left in that mug... it went by fast!

lil bit and i made a quick run by the flea one morning.
found a couple things... one of which was a vintage dresser.
i had no idea where i was going to put it but...
it had cute character & at forty dollars... a perfect storage piece.
i'll let ya know where it ends up.

i picked up some fun knobs at hobby lobby...
sanded a bit here & there (loved the surprise green)... 
and then took the same adhesive paper i had used before... and lined the drawers.
i think she'll be fun to have around!

and speaking of fun to have around!
i see this about fifty times a day!
she is one handstanding silly goose!

off to face the new week...
lots to tackle... lots on the to do.
all i know... i sure am LOVING the time change?
aren't you?
the fall back makes for a bright morning!