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team-up thursday

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{ orange }

orange you in love with orange?
i reeeeeally like orange.
in small doses.
as i say that i am thinking "SOME oranges".  :O)
clear... crisp oranges.
like a fresh cutie clementine.
i guess i am a picky orange liking gal!

to me... orange is vibrant... it's fun!
to wear... to have around you at home.
it's a surprise of a color.
it's energetic.
it gets your attention!

when we saw that the team-up gals were doing orange...
we decided to go for it.
jump on in!
we've been missing our thursday dyptich fun!
when you have such a great partner... luckyyyyy i am...
it can't help but be fun.

how neat is jenn's orange tinkertoys pic!
i forgot to ask... is that one of those neat cylinder containers?
very cool!
the orange from my pic caught my eye... just like orange does.
jumped right out at me as i was driving through town.
it was on this neat heavy gate.
i wish i would have gotten a wider shot.
there were a bunch of workers though on big tracters...
already looking at me like i was nuts... taking a picture of a rusty 'ol gate.
yes i was... and yes maybe a tidge nutty... in general!

you sure are a good one!
bold & energetic... bright & happy
you add a certain zest like no other.

thanks for getting together red & yellow...
you made one FUN color!